Beulah Maud Devaney

Writing the travel blog

I’m going to start writing the travel blog! It’s a six month contract, March-September 2017, and I’ll be blogging about my blogging (*gazes fondly at her own navel*). It’s two years since I left to go freelance and let’s just say it’s exciting and scary and lots of other things to be going back!

The blog’s focus is on using data from to create interesting, insightful articles (I refuse, refuse! to call articles “content” on my own blog). While the blog is for customers and travel writers, I’ll be working with lots of different departments at Booking so it won’t just be me – typing away surrounding by empty coffee cups and half-read hockey romance novels.

My plan to blog about this contract is partly to keep a record for myself and also because most of the contracts I’ve been approached about have similar requirements. Travel companies seem to either be outsourcing their company blogs or bringing it completely in-house, rather than working with independent travel bloggers.

Which is great for me – being a writer who loves writing about travel but doesn’t have the motivation or bank balance to maintain my own blog. Getting paid a regular salary to basically have fun (eight years as a freelance writer and I still struggle to think of it as “work”) – that’s supposed to be the dream? Right? Yeah, please send good thoughts this way…

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