Beulah Maud Devaney

Poetry Review: Horror, Language, Flower Crowns and Covid-19

Reviewing the latest collections from Brandon O’Brien, Tolu’ A. Akinyemi, Amanda Lovelace and Ananda Lima. Continue reading

Book Review: The Moon Cycle Cookbook by Devon Loftus and Jenna Randomski

A nice, cosy read that avoids the usual Gender Critical red flags while talking about the menstrual cycle and provides the reader with plent of delicious inspiration. Continue reading

Book Review: The Gilded Page by Mary Wellesley

A delightful scamper through the secret lives of medieval manuscripts. Continue reading

Poetry Review: Birds, Heartbreak, Cartoons and Killer Plants

Reviews of new poetry collections from Tank Ball, Lillo Way, Amelia Gorman, Azura Tyabji and Jackson Neal. Continue reading

Book Review: Handmade by Anna Ploszajski

A methodical-yet-quirky look at the places where art and science overlap. Continue reading

Book Review: Punks in Peoria by Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett

At first glance, Punks in Peoria is a familiar chronicle of a small town scene. Anyone who grew up outside a big city will resonate with the disparate, slightly desperate way the Peoria punks ransacked their hometown in search of … Continue reading

Book Review: The Life and Travels of Isabella Bird

I started reading Isabella Bird’s travel writing as an escape from grey, rainy, slightly-soul-crushing life in London. Bird was one of the great explorers of the late 19th-century. And she was a woman. And she made some of her greatest … Continue reading

China: Fried Rice and Flavourful Origins

  In 2020 I was too busy stockpiling toilet paper and paying 35 euros for a 25ml bottle of hand sanitiser on Amazon to pay much attention to Chinese New Year. A year later and a year wiser, I decided … Continue reading

Hong Kong: a mildly disastrous double feature

  Welcome traveller. Sit with me and I’ll tell you a tale of woe.      The place was Hong Kong, the food was Hong Kong Crispy Noodles with Mixed Vegetables from The Veggie Chinese Takeaway Cookbook by Kwoklyn Wan … Continue reading

Afghanistan: Burani Bonjon and The Breadwinner

The second Netflix and Chow night is themed aroung Afghanistan. Starring 5000 cloves of garlic. Continue reading

Lebanon: Broccoli bi Jarator and West Beirut

  Me at the start of the pandemic: I’m going to cook all the things!!! I’m going to grow and then harvest and then preserve my own vegetables! I’m going to marinate stuff! How do you make a soufflé? Should … Continue reading

What next? Advice for British citizens living abroad

I’ve finally limped away from my post-referendum hangover and realised that I’m not the only British immigrant* who spent the weekend freaking out and frantically googling labour + housing laws in my adopted country. Thing is, when you’ve spent 48 … Continue reading

Feminism in 1915: an alternative peace congress

In 1915 a group of women decided to try their hand at world peace. It had been nearly a year since the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, multiple countries were piling into what would eventually be known as The Great … Continue reading